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Digital Roadmap Matrix

Digital Roadmap Matrix by Templates.app

Moving from Strategic Vision to Actionable Steps with the Digital Roadmap Matrix

Once you have developed your vision for your digitization initiative, you will then use the concrete expectations defined to create a set of steps, or initiatives, to follow in order to achieve your goals. This roadmap must be carefully developed not only from the strategic vision but from additional research and thought. Once it has been create it must be strictly adhered to, as it is the only means to the achieving the strategic vision.

Understanding the Four Quadrants in the Digital Roadmap Matrix

Digital Roadmap Matrix by Templates.app

In Quadrant One, nest your digital innovation matrix project.

In Quadrant Two, list capabilities that need to be improved or created in order to achieve the strategic vision.

In Quadrant Three, list the means necessary to achieve capabilities listed in quadrant one. Enablers can be people, process or technology.

In Quadrant Four, you will plot out the a sequence of initiatives, ordered based on many factors such as benefits, costs, dependencies, complexity and implementation timeline.

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