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Great project managers have many tools at their disposal. We’ve put together a series of project management templates that helps project managers become more effective and do what they do best.

Basic project management templates

For new project managers, it is better to avoid complicated project management tools and instead focus on simple and basic project management templates. The simple reason for this: complexity will kill your projects. The most basic templates that we recommend to new project managers would be the SWOT analysis and quadrant analysis. The quadrant analysis is typically flexible enough where with the templates we’ve provided, you can put a nice and coherent presentation together with just a few hours of work.

Best project management templates

For experienced project managers, the tougher question is what project management systems should be put in place. It’s a different kind of problem because your concern is not whether the tool is effective, but what tools are most effective depending on the type of stakeholders and the stage of the project. When you evaluate what’s the best project management template to use, it’s really not about the project managers, but who they are communicating to. We recommend the stakeholder analysis template as the starting point, and when done correctly (using either our free template or with a QFD excel template), it will provide the most complete picture possible for any project. Good project managers also know the importance of managing people and expectations, thus a stakeholder analysis holds the key to understanding both of those key elements for project management success.

At the end of the day, project management is as much about logistics as communication. Check out our project management templates below for a quick start. We’re constantly building out our resources with new templates as well as use-cases on the best way to leverage the templates. Reach out to us at editor@templates.app with your contribution and feedback.

Progress Impact Report

The Progress Impact Report The Progress/Impact Report helps you take stock of how far along everything is and which projects will have the most impact on success. Visualizing this will [ … ]

Risk Assessment Form Template

What is a risk assessment matrix? A risk assessment matrix is a visualization of risk likelihood versus risk severity. It is similar to an FMEA — Failure Modes Effect Analysis, [ … ]

Business SWOT Analysis Template

What is SWOT analysis? This is a method taught in business school and used by aspiring managers to visually organize and describe the competitive landscape using Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats [ … ]

Stakeholder Analysis Template

The Stakeholder Analysis Template provides helpful assistance when stakeholders must be found for a project. The matrix guides the user to which stakeholders would be most beneficial for the user [ … ]

Risk Value Matrix

The Risk Value Matrix provides a method of organizing opportunities based on the end value of each and the risk involved. By carefully determining which risks are worth taking and [ … ]

Effort Impact Matrix

The Effort Impact Matrix can be useful to anyone who has many projects and is trying to decide which are worth spending time on. The matrix takes into consideration both [ … ]

Quadrant Analysis

A 2×2 quadrant analysis can be carried out to help one make decisions in a variety of situations. It’s as simple as choosing two criteria with which you would like [ … ]

Risk Analysis Matrix

The Risk Analysis Matrix provides accurate guidance in the consideration of business ventures. Users may be confident in their decisions, which will be based on examining characteristics of the risks [ … ]


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