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Weekly Calendar Template

Most people have many time sensitive tasks to think about each week. Not only do they have both client and internal meetings, but phone or web calls as well. Additionally, [ … ]

Weekly To Do List Template

A lot can happen in one week. You can start on Monday with one idea of what you will be doing and leave on Friday having done completely different things. [ … ]

Checklist Template

The checklist exists to break down seemingly impossible activities into manageable steps. It was exactly for this reason that the Pilot Checklist was initially created. Boeing’s Model 299, later the [ … ]

Risk Assessment Form Template

What is a risk assessment matrix? A risk assessment matrix is a visualization of risk likelihood versus risk severity. It is similar to an FMEA — Failure Modes Effect Analysis, [ … ]

Strategy Culture Management

The Strategy Culture Management Matrix is can be useful for anyone in a leadership position who is looking to change certain aspects of a culture. The matrix provides a method [ … ]

Business SWOT Analysis Template

What is SWOT analysis? This is a method taught in business school and used by aspiring managers to visually organize and describe the competitive landscape using Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats [ … ]

Stakeholder Analysis Template

The Stakeholder Analysis Template provides helpful assistance when stakeholders must be found for a project. The matrix guides the user to which stakeholders would be most beneficial for the user [ … ]


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