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Weekly To Do List Template

A lot can happen in one week. You can start on Monday with one idea of what you will be doing and leave on Friday having done completely different things. [ … ]

Checklist Template

The checklist exists to break down seemingly impossible activities into manageable steps. It was exactly for this reason that the Pilot Checklist was initially created. Boeing’s Model 299, later the [ … ]

Strategy Culture Management

The Strategy Culture Management Matrix is can be useful for anyone in a leadership position who is looking to change certain aspects of a culture. The matrix provides a method [ … ]

Stakeholder Analysis Template

The Stakeholder Analysis Template provides helpful assistance when stakeholders must be found for a project. The matrix guides the user to which stakeholders would be most beneficial for the user [ … ]

Customer Satisfaction Matrix

The Customer Satisfaction Matrix is a convenient and simple way to review each customer’s impression of your products. The matrix will help you decide what steps need to be taken [ … ]

Innovation Management Matrix

The Innovation Management Matrix can be helpful to anyone handling many innovative projects at one time. This matrix assists the user in identifying which projects are the most likely to [ … ]


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