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Audit Report: Manufacturing Plant

Audit Report: Manufacturing Plant by templates.app

Audits in Manufacturing

In order to ensure that safe working conditions, efficiency and production quality in manufacturing remain optimal, internal audits must be done regularly. Following a set protocol, the individual conducting the audit travels to different locations and performs an objective assessment, providing feedback on issues that hinder whatever process is currently under review.

Benefits of an Interactive Audit Report

While the first step of an audit is to find issues, the ultimate goal is a process that encourages continuous improvement. The audit is a catalyst not only for resolving concrete issues but also for finding areas that can be dynamically improved on. The more comprehensive the improvement efforts that follow the initial part of the process are the more successful continuous improvement efforts can be. An audit report that supports and puts pressure on this aspect of the process is beneficial because it helps the organization make the most the audit. A report with this design not only ensures that areas with need for immediate changes are resolved quickly but that effort is spent on dynamic improvement as well.

Manufacturing Plant Audit Report Template

Audit Report: Manufacturing Plant by templates.app

In this 2×2 report template, The top half of the quadrant focuses on the audit event. The top left quadrant is used context around the plant being audited, while the top right quadrant holds itemized issues, well-documented, and information on its failure to comply. In contrast, the bottom half supports optimal response to audit results. While mandated improvements are assigned owners and given firm due dates on the left, the right bottom quadrant is a space to support discussion around other potential opportunities for improvement.

You can launch, edit and use this Manufacturing Plant Audit Report Template in Priority Matrix to improve the impact of regular audits in your organization


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