Legal Operations Management: Pretrial Activities Template

Legal Operations Management: Pretrial Activities by templates.app

Pretrial Activities for More Efficient Legal Operations

As with anything anything, preparation for a trial is key to success. A legal trial is in many ways a performance, a meticulously orchestrated performance in which each sides attempts to win the trust of the judge and jury while controlling the courtroom. Using a pretrial template as a jumping off point to manage and keep track of pretrial activities will help ensure that one attains the best possible results. The Pretrial Activities Template helps one meticulously prepare for every variable during that trial and allows one to have the peace of mind that comes from being well prepared.

Pretrial Activities TemplateLegal Operations Management: Pretrial Activities by templates.app

In this 2×2 matrix template breaks the pretrial activities into three phases: start of preparation to sixty days before the trial, between sixty and thirty days prior to the trial and thirty days before the trial. Tasks that belong in these phases belong in Quadrants one, two and three, respectively. Quadrant four is set aside for the trial notebook, that is, all the resources that pretrial activities will have created. Of course, deadlines and the timeline of a trial are, in many ways, out of control of those preparing for the case. However, a strong framework like this template helps maintain organization despite adverse scenarios.

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