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Human Resources: Employee Onboarding Template

Human Resources: Employees Onboarding Template by templates.app

Human Resources: Precise Activities Toward Positive Outcomes

Human resources is in the business of driving the best possible outcomes for and from the group of people in an organization. Talent is a scarce resource and the better the organization’s HR processes are the more that can be made of this resource.


Employee onboarding should never be considered completely finished. An organization that manages it’s human resources as true value recognizes that employees are not tasks that must be finished but assets to continue to work with. Still the first step in bringing on a new employee has many logistics. In the initial process, an HR professional is responsible for making sure contracts are signed and filed, benefits are explained, records are kept and security access is given. Moving forward needed training must be arranged. As the employee continues in the organization, attention must be given to them regularly and unique needs might come up. The initial onboarding process is not only important for HR but for the new hire as well. For them, this is the first real experience with the organization and a good experience will set them up for a happy future with the organization no matter what challenging projects are ahead. By looking at the on boarding process as two parts, one finite and one ongoing, Human Resources can increase each employees happiness and sense of being valued.

Employee Onboarding Template

Human Resources: Employees Onboarding Template by templates.app

Within each of these four quadrants above, both finite and ongoing tasks related to a hire can be managed.

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