Category: Evaluation Tools

KRALJIC Matrix Template – Supply Chain Risk Management

The Kraljic Matrix facilitates the management of a company’s inventory. The matrix relies on two factors when considering items needed: “Supply Risk” (level of rarity) and “Financial Risk” (cost) Items [ … ]

Gap Analysis Template

The Gap Analysis Matrix assists in business projects that are in the process of being completed, but do not yet possess all of the necessary information and data. By determining [ … ]

PESTLE Analysis Template

The PEST Analysis Template pictured here provides an imperative method of assuring that your business is safe from many factors that could affect it. This matrix addresses both internal and [ … ]

TOWS Analysis Matrix Template

The TOWS Analysis Matrix is an indispensable tool for the building or maintenance of a company. The matrix works to detect the strengths and weaknesses of the company and use [ … ]

Impact Matrix

The Impact Matrix works to direct your focus to tasks that will be worth your time and effort. It works by encouraging the completion of tasks that will most benefit [ … ]


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