Audit Report: Manufacturing Plant

Audits in Manufacturing In order to ensure that safe working conditions, efficiency and production quality in manufacturing remain optimal, internal audits must be done regularly. Following a set protocol, the [ … ]

Risk Assessment Form Template

What is a risk assessment matrix? A risk assessment matrix is a visualization of risk likelihood versus risk severity. It is similar to an FMEA — Failure Modes Effect Analysis, [ … ]

Value Proposition Canvas Template

Significance of the Value Proposition The essential purpose of a product, whether it be tangible or service-related, is to generate as much possible business success for its organization, fueling that [ … ]

The Unique Alpha Matrix

What is the Alpha Matrix? The alpha matrix is the four-quadrant visual representation of whatever aspect of your life is absorbing the most mental energy at the moment whether this [ … ]

Strategy Culture Management

The Strategy Culture Management Matrix is can be useful for anyone in a leadership position who is looking to change certain aspects of a culture. The matrix provides a method [ … ]