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Risk Value Matrix

The Risk Value Matrix provides a method of organizing opportunities based on the end value of each and the risk involved. By carefully determining which risks are worth taking and [ … ]

Product Market Matrix

The Product/Market Matrix assists businesses dealing with several types of products, each with a unique situation. It provides guidance in situations concerning current or new markets and products. PRODUCT/MARKET MATRIX [ … ]

Growth Share Matrix

The Growth Share Matrix is designed to bring in as much cash as possible. It helps the user decide on which business ventures will be of the most value, which [ … ]

Outsourcing Matrix

The Outsourcing Matrix is a valuable tool to companies that have decisions to make regarding where processes should be sent to be completed. The matrix considers both how complex each [ … ]

KRALJIC Matrix Template – Supply Chain Risk Management

The Kraljic Matrix facilitates the management of a company’s inventory. The matrix relies on two factors when considering items needed: “Supply Risk” (level of rarity) and “Financial Risk” (cost) Items [ … ]

TOWS Analysis Matrix Template

The TOWS Analysis Matrix is an indispensable tool for the building or maintenance of a company. The matrix works to detect the strengths and weaknesses of the company and use [ … ]


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